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Gardeners Can Protect Bees

I sometimes get messages from groups asking me to share something they have posted or an event they are hosting that may be of interest to our beekeeping community. Recently I was contacted by Hannah Miller with DIY Gardening because she thought her posting on how gardeners can help bees may be helpful. After taking …

What's Blooming Now

What’s Blooming – October 2017

The white aster are finally in full bloom and with the recent rains, the bees seem to be bringing in nectar for their food stores. They’ve been bringing in a lot of beautiful shades of yellow pollen for the last month or so, but not much in the way of nectar so this is a …

What's Blooming Now

What’s Blooming – September 2017

It’s the yellow time of year so far with lots of Goldenrod, Stickweed, and the Golden Rain Trees blooming. The Golden Rain Trees won’t be blooming much longer and are already putting on their little chinese lantern looking seed pods. The 3 clovers continue to bloom and we are still seeing quite a bit of …

What's Blooming Now

What’s Blooming – August 2017

It’s been a dry, hot summer and we are just starting to see some of the fall wildflowers making an appearance. We’re looking forward to Stickweed, Ironweed, Aster, and Joe Pye Weed. Clover continues to bloom and we are starting to see some Goldenrod coming into bloom. There are still mimosas and sumac trees blooming. …

What's Blooming Now

What’s Blooming – June/July 2017

There’s not a lot blooming right now and you may need to be feeding your bees. The last 2 weeks of Tulip Poplar blooms were rained out, so what looked like a promising honey year didn’t work out as planned. But strong hives were able to build an impressive amount of honey from the Black …

What's Blooming Now

What’s Blooming – End of April, 2017

There’s quite a bit blooming right now and the big nectar flow has started.  Some of the primary plants blooming around our bee yard right now are Tulip Poplar, Black Locust, and wild Blackberry.  We also have both Crimson Clover and the white clovers (Dutch and Alsike). Click to see larger picture