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What’s Blooming – August 2017

It’s been a dry, hot summer and we are just starting to see some of the fall wildflowers making an appearance. We’re looking forward to Stickweed, Ironweed, Aster, and Joe Pye Weed.

Clover continues to bloom and we are starting to see some Goldenrod coming into bloom. There are still mimosas and sumac trees blooming. Some bees will work myrtle as well.

At the farm there is Queen Anne’s Lace, Coneflower, Clover, and some Smartweed blooming. There is also some sweet clover blooming around the pond and that’s one of the best pollen sources for bees. Our farmer friend, Aubrey is letting vegetables and herbs that are done for the season go to flower so the bees have additional sources of nectar and pollen. Before long it will be time to plant buckwheat for the bees and other pollinators and maybe some rape seed (canola).

Here’s a nice video Eliza Hudson got of bees working Goldenrod:

Click to see larger picture

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