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Thinking of Taking Up Beekeeping?

2018 will be my 11th year actively learning about keeping bees and you’d think with that many years behind me, it would be getting easier to keep my bees alive. That hasn’t been the case. And if you talk to long time beekeepers (like having 50 years or more under their belt) they’ll tell you the same thing. The last few years have been crazy.

So, why do I mention this? Well, to support the idea of taking a bee class or doing some kind of formal training before you get bees. The following video is an overview of what I think you need to know these days and I hope it will give you a good idea of why taking the time to attend a class will help. Classes are starting this week and also later this month and in February. So now is the time to get signed up.

If you don’t have time to watch this video (it’s about 35 minutes long) or to take a class and actually attend all of the sessions, then trust me, you don’t have the time to raise bees successfully.

Following the video are some links to some resources that you will find helpful.


NC bee schools:
NC bee chapters:

NCSU BEES Online Courses:

Bee Supply Companies:  [ click here ]

Queens, Nucs, and Packages:  [ click here ]

NCSU recorded webinars:
Kim & Jim webinars:

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