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Gardeners Can Protect Bees

I sometimes get messages from groups asking me to share something they have posted or an event they are hosting that may be of interest to our beekeeping community. Recently I was contacted by Hannah Miller with DIY Gardening because she thought her posting on how gardeners can help bees may be helpful. After taking a look at what she provided, I decided it was worth sharing. Hannah is in the UK but her information — including plants — are familiar to us here in the US as well.

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Hannah’s post covers these topics with tons of suggestions under each topic. One of the things I like is she’s advocating for all bees and not just honey bees.

  • Why Bees Are So Important
  • Why The Bee Population is Declining
  • Actionable Steps ANY Gardener Can Take to Protect Bees
    • Step 1: Stop Using Fungicides (use these instead)
    • Step 2: Stop Using Pesticides (try these instead)
    • Step 3: Ditch The Weedkiller (try these instead)
    • Step 4: Bees Love These Plants So Add These To Your Garden
    • Step 5: Provide a Water Source
    • Step 6: Provide Shelter
    • Step 7: What to Do if You See a Bee Swarm in Your Garden
  • How to Identify Bees Found in the UK and US

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