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What’s Blooming – October 2017

The white aster are finally in full bloom and with the recent rains, the bees seem to be bringing in nectar for their food stores. They’ve been bringing in a lot of beautiful shades of yellow pollen for the last month or so, but not much in the way of nectar so this is a bit of a relief.

The bees are still foraging on the goldenrod and I can smell it in the hives. A good lesson for new beekeepers is how goldenrod smells in the hive and not to confuse that smell with something bad going on — like European foul brood.

The 3 clovers continue to bloom and we are still seeing quite a bit of smartweed. Vitex are still blooming as well and the anise hyssop is blooming again.

Fingers crossed for a good fall nectar flow so the bees can put on some extra weight for winter.

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