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Hive maintenance

Oxalic Acid Drizzle

Dr. Marion Ellis from the University of Nebraska spoke at an NCSBA bee conference in 2016 and covered a couple of methods for using oxalic acid to eliminate varroa in the hive.  The trickle or drizzle or dribble method is one of the ways to treat.  According to Dr. Ellis, this method is applicable only …

Hive maintenance

Bee Fondant vs. Sugar Blocks

Once the temperatures start dropping, the bees will have a hard time processing even the heavy sugar syrup.  So I start adding bee fondant to the hives and that works pretty well for me. A lot of people use sugar blocks, but I started making and using bee fondant after a talk by NC Master …

Hive inspection

Getting Bees Ready for Winter

The temperatures have been down in the 30s at night so once again, it’s time to get the bees ready for winter.  There’s really not a lot to do to get the bees ready.  By now, I’ve removed any unused equipment and have been feeding as much as possible.  I’ll start adding bee fondant to …

Hive inspection

Goodbye Purdue Ankle Biters

In previous posts [ here ] and [ here ], I talked about how my Purdue Ankle Biter bees like to rob from dying neighborhood hives that had been infested with varroa mites, and then would bring mites back to their hive where the virulent mites would destroy the hive. I had been doing sugar …