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Sugar Shake Reminders

Sometimes when you are getting ready to do a sugar shake, it’s hard to remember exactly how many bees you need to be sampling and what the threshold is. Bee buddy Eliza Hudson helps her students at the Montessori School out by first marking the correct measuring cup with a mark on top (this is …

Hive inspection

Summer Mite Count Checks & Congrats Bobby!

Bobby Byrd is a new beekeeper this year and he just received his NCSBA Master Beekeeper Program Certification. So, congratulations Bobby! Bobby has been working with me quite a bit in the bee yard this spring and today we did sugar shakes on 2 of the 6 hives to check on mite load in the …

Hive inspection

Swarm Check and Sugar Shake – Purdue Hive

It’s the 2nd day of spring (March 21) and I’m checking some of my hives for swarm cells. The temperature is 78 degrees at noon, so there’s lots of bee activity in the bee yard. The Purdue hive is my biggest hive so far. It is 8 frame equipment with 1 deep, 2 mediums, and …