What's Blooming Now

What’s Blooming – June/July 2017

There’s not a lot blooming right now and you may need to be feeding your bees. The last 2 weeks of Tulip Poplar blooms were rained out, so what looked like a promising honey year didn’t work out as planned. But strong hives were able to build an impressive amount of honey from the Black Locust and Tulip Poplar all the same.

Clover continues to bloom and if you are in the mountains, you may get basswood and sourwood. Some bees will work myrtle as well. At the farm there is a lot of the Anise Hyssop blooming and the bees are really enjoying that. There is also some sweet clover blooming around the pond and that’s one of the best pollen sources for bees.

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At the farm, Aubrey is letting vegetables and herbs that are done for the season to go to flower so the bees have additional sources of nectar and pollen.

The anise hyssop is a bee favorite:

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