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What's Blooming Now

What’s Blooming – February 2021

This is the month where we start to see the trees and shrubs coming back to life. The big bee nectar and pollen source for my bees are the Red Maples. Silver Maples will be blooming this month as well. Also, we’ll start to see Willow and Forsythia and some of the ornamental trees like …

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Thinking of Taking Up Beekeeping?

2018 will be my 11th year actively learning about keeping bees and you’d think with that many years behind me, it would be getting easier to keep my bees alive. That hasn’t been the case. And if you talk to long time beekeepers (like having 50 years or more under their belt) they’ll tell you …

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Oxalic Acid Drizzle

Dr. Marion Ellis from the University of Nebraska spoke at an NCSBA bee conference in 2016 and covered a couple of methods for using oxalic acid to eliminate varroa in the hive.  The trickle or drizzle or dribble method is one of the ways to treat.  According to Dr. Ellis, this method is applicable only …