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Community: In the Bee Yard with Claude

Claude attended the 2021 Spring Beginning Beekeeping class. He had kept bees many years before so still had some equipment available. Claude lives on some beautiful property in Reidsville and thought he’d give beekeeping another go. As a skilled carpenter, Claude was able to add to or repair his existing equipment. He ordered a package …

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Community: In the Bee Yard with Becca & Morgan

Becca and Morgan attended the 2021 Spring Beginning Beekeeping class. Morgan is a friend of Becca’s daughter and they decided to work together this year. Becca wanted a long hive instead of just a traditional langstroth or top bar hive, so she built it. The hive is beautiful and has a bit of steampunk look …

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How Long Can I Keep Honey?

One of the common questions I get has to do with how long you can keep honey. If it’s kept in a sealed container and not left in the open to absorb moisture, it’ll outlast you! Here’s a great article about it written by Darren Incorvaia. HONEY’S ETERNAL SHELF LIFEThat honey found stored in an …


Hive Beetles & What’s Under Your Hives

One of the ongoing questions is about maintaining the area under your hives and also around your hives. We know that Hive Beetles pupate in the dirt under and around the hives so having something that will deter them from successfully pupating is a way to help the hive. You also want something that is …

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More About Installing Packages – Dead Queen or Drifting/Absconding Bees

One of the things that’s come up recently is the knowledge about the possibility of your package bees having more than 1 queen. How do you know? And how do you keep your packaged bees from leaving or moving into the neighboring hive?