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Community: In the Bee Yard with Becca & Morgan

Becca Crutchfield & Morgan Duhan

Becca and Morgan attended the 2021 Spring Beginning Beekeeping class. Morgan is a friend of Becca’s daughter and they decided to work together this year. Becca wanted a long hive instead of just a traditional langstroth or top bar hive, so she built it. The hive is beautiful and has a bit of steampunk look to it. The bees love it and are thriving.

Becca and Morgan started out with a nuc of bees in early April. They named their first queen “Carmen.” The bees did so well during the spring that Becca and Morgan were able to take a couple of frames of honey and also were able to split the hive. They used the nuc box that came with the original bees to get the split going. Becca had an 8 frame Langstroth hive so the split went into that equipment once they bees outgrew the nuc. The new queen from the split is named Victoria and that hive is doing well too.

The original long hive then started to build queen cells in the swarm position so rather than take a chance on losing Carmen and half of their bees, they pulled some frames with Carmen and put her in a nuc box. The remaining bees in the long hive made a new queen (Wanda) and never swarmed. Until Becca can build another long hive, the second split of bees with queen Carmen are living comfortable in the garden in borrowed equipment.

In addition to their bee adventures, Becca also takes amazing photographs of bees and other things in nature. Here are a couple of her bee pictures.

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