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Wax Moth Traps

Making a wax moth trap is easy. Take an empty 2 liter bottle and drill a 1 inch hole just below the slope on the neck, then add 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup vinegar and finally 1 banana peel. Wait a few days till it starts to ferment, then tie it into a tree close to the hives. This trap will draw the wax moth, they enter the hole can’t get out and drown in the liquid, this will even draw in and kill the bald faced hornet.

Here’s a nice diagram provided by


    1. The trap will start to fill up with various insects and at some point, you can trash the whole thing or clear it out and refill it. It’s not easy to clear out, so throwing it away is what most beekeepers do. I generally go through 2 cycles a season.

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