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Nematodes for Hive Beetle Control

A couple of years ago I had the worst hive beetle problem I’ve encountered.  Beetle traps and other methods were not working very well.  One of my fellow beekeepers, Charlie Headington recommended that I try nematodes for control.  He gave me the name and website address of the place he used.  I had been reading about nematodes but hadn’t met anyone before Charlie who had used them.  I ordered enough for all of my hives and was amazed by the effectiveness.  Since then, I install nematodes when I am setting up new hives and hive beetles are not something that I have to deal with anymore.  This is my 3rd year working with this company and they are great to work with. The website has great videos about how to install.

Here’s the details for how to order:

Southeastern Insectaries, Inc.
Toll free: (877) WORMSSS

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