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The Kim and Jim Show

One of the most gratifying aspects of beekeeping is meeting or hearing about beekeepers who go out of their way to share what they know with other beekeepers.  I’m especially grateful for the ones who do it with a sense of humor.  The Kim and Jim Show is one of my current favorites.

Bee Culture is proud to bring you two renowned Bee experts, Kim Flottum, Editor-in-Chief, Bee Culture Magazine and Dr. James “Jim” Tew, Emeritus Professor, Entomology, OSU to co-host their show, “The Kim and Jim Show.”  Kim and Jim will make sure that you walk away with 5 key insights from every show, so that you can become a better beekeeper.  This show is intended for all beekeepers from beginner to master levels.  Kim and Jim will cover critical and timely topics ranging from “how-tos” to new products to important updates.

You can learn more about the webinars, register for upcoming webinars, and listen to the recordings of previous webinars by going to the Bee Culture Magazine site: All shows are recorded, so if you miss it live, you’ll be able to go back and listen at a later date.

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