Vendors: Queens, Nucs, and Packages

Queens, Nucs, and Packages

The following are my suggestions for buying queens, packages, and nucs. If you have a good source for any, please email me with the pertinent information and include some information about why you are recommending them.

The following dealers have been approved by the NC Department of Agriculture to sell bees in North Carolina and are permitted to sell or ship bees of the said apiary.

I’ve bought queens and bees from Tates Apiaries and had great success with their queens (although they recently moved and are not raising queens at this time). I have a granddaughter queen from one of Janice Tate’s hygienic queens that I got maybe 4 years ago that is doing well. The Tates offer packages in the spring and in 2018 may be offering nucs again.

Last year I bought queens from the Judge Dan O’Hanlon with the Mountain State Queens (West Virginia Queen Breeders Cooperative). The WVQBC is also part of the Heartland Honey Bee Breeders Cooperative – a cooperative of bee breeders from 7 states in the heartland. Members of the HHBBC are working with Dr. Greg Hunt at Purdue University to breed ankle biter bees that chew the legs off of varroa before pitching them out of the hive. I got a Purdue queen and a Mountain (buckfast/carniolan) from Dan last spring and they are both doing very well. The Mountain bee is actually better at dealing with the varroa.

This year I bought pol-line queens from Tim Service in Meadows of Dan, Virginia. The pol-line queens are VSH breeds. We’ll see how they do with the varroa compared to my hygienic italian, mountain bee, and Purdue ankle biters. Contact Tim at 276-952-5077 or

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